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What Tyler Has Taught Me

Monday is a busy material gathering day. Tyler has been working at it all day. Lots of great wood in those pallets. And we need it!

🙌🏼 Yes we know what we do is extremely physically demanding.

🙌🏼Yes we know we take extra time to create usable wood for our projects.

🙌🏼 Yes we know that some people might not be willing to go through the processes that we do in order to make our barn quilts and other items. (That’s ok we don’t mind 😉)

🙌🏼 Yes we know we have more to learn and we are doing that every single day.

We also know that our business is growing and we are also growing as people. With every market in every town that we set up, there are more and more folks that love our story… and our work.


From early on I have known about and valued Tyler’s gifts. Throughout our experiences together, HE has taught ME about perseverance, positivity, rest (marinating time), being autistic, doing your own thing, joy, pride, and love.

Working one on one with him through his school years (as homeschoolers from age 10) until now as business partners, these past 14 years have shown us we are extremely lucky to have each other’s back.

We have a lot to be grateful for!!

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.”


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