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Great things are happening!

Hello Dusters! That's what I've decided to call our followers. I just made it up, so don't get too attached unless it catches on and then, well, yay!

It has been 3 months since my last blog post, haha, so much for writing every week (or month!) Tyler and I have been really busy. We finished our first vendor market of the year at The Community Marketplace and are headed to our second summer session date this Saturday 6/26 from 9-2. We absolutely love that place and encourage you all to come see all the great vendors out there on Saturdays! During the spring session we made and sold a lot of Easter and spring items. However, here in the south it warms up pretty fast, so we quickly turned our construction schedule to our outdoor furniture and our NEW firepit covers!

Our outdoor furniture is made from repurposed pallets, something that is usually discarded. Taking these old pallets and giving them their second life is very rewarding. It is hard but we truly love doing it and we are thrilled that so many people like it!

One of our hand-painted benches made it's way into the home of a wonderful lady that works at a place called Able to Serve nearby in Garner. She invited Tyler to come speak to their group about his work, and how he started, what he does, and what his plans are for the future. We are looking forward to that!

Another great surprise was that a local reporter for Spectrum News in Raleigh was online looking for outdoor furniture as she had just moved here. She contacted us, and was not only interested in the furniture but also the story of the company and Tyler! She filmed the first part of the Sawdust & Sage piece last week and will be meeting up with us a couple more times to get all the content. During her visit to our shop, I left Tyler to have his own space to tell his story. He definitely has his own beliefs and his own feelings about how all this came about and according to Sarah (the reporter) he was very open and inspirational. I am excited for him and cannot wait to see the finished product.

She was all over the place, even climbing into the back of a customer's truck to see Tyler loading their purchase!

I hope it will be out soon, and we will be sure to share it when it is.

I did hear part of the end of his interview, I believe he said something like - "Don't let anybody tell you can't do something, you can do it if you do not give up."

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